It’s Time to Question the Padres Relationship with Local Media

March is the beginning of the best portion of the calendar year, period. Not only does the weather begin to warm up a little bit (yeah, I know I live in San Diego), the beach is still not too crowded, girls start to shave their legs again after their winter pants season, but a new season of Padres baseball is upon us with the beginning of Cactus League games in spring training!

This year is a little different. Normally, us sports fans begin to look forward to the Padres upcoming season to distract us from yet another disappointing Chargers football season. Near the end of summer, we begin to look forward to the upcoming NFL season to distract us from yet another disappointing Padres season, and such the cycle has unfolded since the 1960’s.

Yet now we look forward to the 2017 Padres season for a couple of different reasons. One of those reasons being that the San Diego Chargers no longer exists after bolting (pun intended) for Los Angeles at the conclusion of their miserable 2016 season, and the other being an exciting young Padres team with players we hope will bring us a championship around 2019 and not make us want to cut our eyes out for the next couple of seasons.

This year is a little different for Padres fans who are looking for ways to listen to the teams games.

Last year, with the teams contract expiring with local sports radio giant the Mighty-1090, the team landed with local alternative rock FM station 94.9.

At first glance, this is a poor decision on two fronts.

First, an FM station does not carry the same signal as an AM station. The Mighty 1090 was able to (in perfect weather conditions) broadcast its signal as far north as Washington state and east into Arizona and potentially further. FM 94.9 on the other hand, gets hazy into the northern parts of San Diego County (south of Riverside) and doesn’t even stretch eastward into Imperial county which is a mere 120ish miles from eastern San Diego County cites like Santee, El Cajon, and La Mesa.

Secondly, FM94.9 is doing almost nothing to market themselves to fans! Instead of putting their most popular on-air personalities on pre or postgame shows, they fired them and hired an outside personality Rich Herrera who is an avid San Francisco Giants fan who frequently appears on Los Angeles Dodgers related podcasts.

But what about a third, maybe less obvious issue that may not go fully noticed? That being that FM 94.9 is barely broadcasting anything during spring training, and according to the Padres official website, is not slated to broadcast regular season games. The later statement will likely not hold true, but as you can see from the graphic below, 94.9 is only broadcasting 7 games on its own frequency during spring training, with the rest of the radio broadcasts being placed on the stations sister channel 97.3 KSON, which is one of the premier country music stations in San Diego. As for the regular season? 94.9 is not even listed on any broadcasts.



Pitch Letter to Channel 4

Dead Programming Editor,

I think your viewers would love the new live show we are producing on called Friar Domination Live!

The show is a rebranding of our previous podcasting venture, the Friar Domination Podcast (FDP).

We considered the podcast a success in its limited run. Despite only producing episodes for approximately half of the 2016 San Diego Padres season, the show gained a small but loyal following, gaining about 1,000 total plays/downloads, despite only being available in podcast form and being in its first year of existence.

Hosted by myself, Jake Harman, and David Droegemeier, the FDP attracted many big-name guests, including Mark Grant (Padres TV color commentator and former major league player), Lee Jenkins (Sports Illustrated), Bernie Wilson (The Associated Press), Bob Scanlan (Padres radio/tv personality and former major league player), and several other members of the San Diego media. David and I prided themselves on producing a show that was fluid, easy to listen to, and provided great content and information sports fans NEED.

Currently in the first year of exclusive live shows via Facebook and Periscope, Friar Domination Live! has enjoyed a massive season debut, with over 400 people watching the first episode of the season. Although it is a small sample size, we believe these numbers will sustain and grow based on similar trends following this format with our San Diego Chargers and San Diego State Aztecs themed shows.

I would be happy to send you links to our shows and other content for your team to consider as a possible addition to your programming at Cox Channel 4 San Diego.

I thank you for your time and consideration. If you would like to know more, please email or call (619) 249-8924.



Jake Harman
Friar Domination Live!

Friar Domination Live! Fact Sheet

Photo Credit: David Frerker,



Media Contacts:
David Frerker                                                 Jake Harman                                David Droegemeier CEO    Friar Domination Live!             Friar Domination Live!
Friar Domination Live! Producer                   

New Year. New Format. Same Hosts. New Name!

  • San Diego Sports Domination’s successful San Diego Padres podcast will be back for the 2017 Padres season!
  • With a new season of exciting Padres baseball comes a new format for the Friar Domination Podcast:
    • New in 2017 will be an exclusive live format being broadcast weekly (beginning in mid-March) via Facebook and Periscope!
    • San Diego Sports Domination founder and CEO David Frerker will take over the role as producer, formerly held by Jake Harman, who will now be able to focus solely on hosting the show once again with the encyclopedia of sports knowledge, David Drogemeier!
  • In addition to a new format, the show will have a new identity with a rebranding to “Friar Domination Live!”, as voted on by fans via Twitter!
  • With the help of David Frerker, fans of the former Friar Domination Podcast can expect the same great content and guests, in a clean new live format built to grab your attention and keep listeners/viewers invested while surfing the web!



News Release: Padres to take over annual blood drive.


San Diego Padres Announce New Annual Blood Drive During Celebrate San Diego Event at Petco Park in Front of 12,000

Padres Ownership Announces Plan to Start New Blood Drive Event After Chargers Bold for Los Angeles

San Diego, Ca. (February 11, 2017) – As hard as it is for some to understand, the San Diego Chargers have left the city for a new beginning in the Los Angeles area. This hurt the San Diego community for many reasons; one of which has nothing to do with a game.
In front of 12,000 San Diego sports fans, and non-fans alike, Padres ownership announced their own blood drive to take place at Petco Park on June 27th, replacing the Chargers own 38-yearold blood drive that ended when the team ended its lease with San Diego.
“San Diego is more than sports,” Padres executive chairman Ron Fowler said from the stage. “We love this city and are committed to its continued growth.”